MCI Launches The Partners’ Decision E-Service
Source: of Commerce and Investment
08 December 2018

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has launched today 08.12.2018 AD the Partners Decision E-Service, which enables the companies to issue the decisions and do any amendments to the company memorandum of association or the commercial registrations online without having to attend the Ministry’s Headquarters.
MCI has pointed out that this e-service will enable the partners to issue and approve the decisions related to making any amendment in the company memorandum of association or the commercial registration online without the need to visit any of the Ministry’s branches or the public notary for authentication. All that can be done through the electronic verification messages. This e-service would reduce the time and efforts of the beneficiaries by the automatic updating of the company memorandum of association and the Commercial Registration.
MCI explained that the beneficiaries can visit the website and submit the application easily after getting the consent of partners and payment of the necessary fees.
MCI explained as well that the decisions to be processed through the e-service are as follows: Amending the Company Memorandum of Association, the Transformation of the Company, the Continuation of the Company, Reducing the Company’s Capital, liquidation of the Company, Incorporating other Company, Incorporating into other Company, in addition to the Transformation of the Company To an Establishment.
This e-service comes as an extension of the initiatives launched by the Ministry, in cooperation with its strategic partner, Thiqa Business Services Company, to serve the commercial and investment sectors in the Kingdom, besides supporting and enabling the private sector, as well as facilitate and easing doing business, in addition to stimulating the investment environment.
MCI calls on all companies to avail of this e-service by updating their data and amending any decision through visiting the Company Service Portal via the following link:‚Äč .