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About the Chair


Within the framework of the implementation of the national plan for national transformation approved by the Council of Ministers under the chairmanship of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, all sectors of the State are directed to prepare executive plans that keep pace with the vision and plans related to national transformation. These plans are to coincides with the vision plans and contributes to the realization of aspirations that focused in many aspects on the economic dimensions and the creation of investment opportunities that allow the flow of investments and support small and medium enterprises through the use of technical knowledge and development of communications.
The aim of the Saudi e-University is to enhance its community partnership by providing national entrepreneurs, government, public, private and non-profit organizations with the opportunity to participate in the financing of the research chairs program.
The founding of the strategic partnership with Bank AlBilad is the establishment of the Bank AlBilad e-Commerce Chair, which aims to promote researches on the development of e-commerce and the dissemination of its concepts, and motivating young people to participate in the e-commerce market through studies and training courses.

Building a distinguished scientific reference on e-commerce in the Kingdom that keeps abreast of the continuous development and enhances the role of the Kingdom in the field of e-commerce.
To provide research and technical tools to support studies and research on e-commerce and improve them in partnership with the institutions of society to keep pace with development plans.

1. Conduct studies on the development of the e-commerce sector.
2. Conducting and supporting research and scientific studies in e-commerce.
3. Encouraging the development of modern technologies in e-commerce, stimulating creativity and spreading the culture of scientific research.
4. Supporting postgraduate studies in the fields of e-commerce.
5. Organizing scientific events on e-commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
6 – Introducing general and specialized training programs and certificates in the fields of e-commerce and electronic marketing to meet the national cadres capable of developing the e-commerce sector in the Kingdom
7- Defining the society with the advantages and risks of e-commerce.
8. Holding partnerships with regulators and sponsors of e-commerce.
9. Monitor and analyze the latest technical and administrative developments in the various e-commerce fields