About Bacec

Within the framework of implementing the National Plan for National Transformation approved by the Council of Ministers under the Chairmanship of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, all sectors of the State are directed to prepare executive plans that keep pace with the vision and plans related to the National Transformation.
Saudi Electronic University (SEU) has started to develop practical initiatives in the form of offering partnerships, as well as high quality educational and research programs in order to keep pace with the Vision’s plans and to contribute to the achievement of the aspirations. Vision 2030 has emphasized the economic dimensions and the creation of investment opportunities that enable the inflow of investments. Moreover, it has emphasized the Support for SMEs by leveraging Technical knowledge and Telecommunications development.
Saudi Electronic University (SEU) aspires to enhance its community partnership by providing opportunities for national entrepreneurs (Officials and businessmen), government, as well as institutions and companies from all sectors (public, privet, and non-profit) to contribute in financing the Research Chair program.
The aforementioned effort is aimed towards enabling all the required environments (scientific research, consultancy, and training) necessary for the development of the scientific fields included in the university academic programs and in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated in the Regulations of the Scientific Research Chairs in the Saudi Electronic University (SEU).
The strategic partnership with Bank Albilad resulting in the establishment of ” Bank Albilad Chair of E-commerce” Is considered an embodiment of the Constructive Integration among Community institutions.
The objective of SEU’s Bank AlBilad E-Commerce Chair is to provide studies and research on the development of E-Commerce, spread its notions and motivate the Youth to engage in E-Commerce market through providing studies, research, and training courses.


Build a distinguished scientific database in the field of E-Commerce that keeps pace with the continuous development and enhance the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of E-Commerce.


Provide research and technological tools to support studies and research in the field of E-Commerce and enhance them through partnerships with the Community institutions to align itself with the national development plans.


1. Conduct studies on the development of E-Commerce sector
2. Conduct and support scientific research and studies in the field of E-Commerce.
3. Promote the innovation of modern technologies in the field of E-Commerce, stimulate creativity and spread the culture of scientific research.
4. Support Postgraduate theses in the field of E-Commerce.
5. Organize Scientific events on E-Commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
6. Offer general and specialized training programs as well as certified certificates in the various fields of E-Commerce and e-Marketing with the objective of preparing national staff that is capable of developing E-Commerce sector in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
7. Enlighten the society about the benefits and risks of E-Commerce.
8. Establish partnerships with E-Commerce Regulators and sponsors.
9. Monitor and analyze the latest technological and administrative development in various E-commerce fields.