Scientific awareness production

The program aims to support scientific and educational production through 3 sub-programs

  1. Writing a scientific book in the field of e-commerce: Issuing a scientific book in the field of e-commerce containing 13 chapters and published by the end of the month of 8/2020.
    Publication of a special issue through a refereed journal: a
  2. special issue in the Journal of Decision Systems by supporting five refereed and accepted papers(Include the file of the unified list of scientific research in Saudi universities in order to facilitate the researcher to know the correct mechanism)
  3.     Issuing awareness publications on e-commerce regulations and legislation: Forming a scientific team specialized in e-commerce systems to gather regulations and legislations,
  4. spread awareness in the community and communicate with all its segments in order to communicate the right information and the latest developments related to the field of e-commerce in an easy manner and appropriate means. Such as:
  • (Infographics)
  • Awareness brochures.
  • Awareness leaflets.
  • Presentations.