“Zakat and income” intends to collect taxes from international companies on the “e-commerce”

The Director of the General Authority for Zakat and Income Tax, Tariq Al-Sadhan, said that the Kingdom has signed a number of international conventions to protect its rights from the evasion of some companies from taxes. He pointed out that a number of international companies operate in the Kingdom through electronic commerce. The countries of the world to take advantage of their revenues as taxes, stressing that it will be addressed soon. He explained that the approval of the Council of Ministers on the organization of the Commission, will contribute to the development of its objectives and mechanisms of work in the service of taxpayers, and the development of the working environment to achieve the objectives of development.

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Will Amazon change the e-commerce rules in the region?

The Middle East’s e-commerce market, with significant growth opportunities, is eyeing Amazon’s acquisition of, especially in Saudi Arabia.

E-commerce in the Saudi market appears to be far from saturation in this sector.

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One fifth of British companies have been hacked

Aleqtisadiah (Riyadh)

According to a British report published its result on Tuesday saying that nearly one fifth of the country’s companies have been subjected to cyber-attacks over the past year, saying that major companies had the most attacks. The report made by the British Chamber of Commerce shows that about 42& of those companies are major companies with more than 100 workers in them. The report shows that only 18% of small companies were subjected to cyber-attacks. The report said that only 24% of companies apply security procedures against cyber-attacks and some of them don’t even have the simplest security procedures according to “Sky News”

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