One fifth of British companies have been hacked

Aleqtisadiah (Riyadh)

According to a British report published its result on Tuesday saying that nearly one fifth of the country’s companies have been subjected to cyber-attacks over the past year, saying that major companies had the most attacks. The report made by the British Chamber of Commerce shows that about 42& of those companies are major companies with more than 100 workers in them. The report shows that only 18% of small companies were subjected to cyber-attacks. The report said that only 24% of companies apply security procedures against cyber-attacks and some of them don’t even have the simplest security procedures according to “Sky News”

The executive director of the chamber, Adam Marshall, said that “Cyber-attacks threaten the funds, reputation and trust of companies, adding that the losses are not limited to the financial aspect, but to disrupt the work of some companies and productivity”. He added that “Although the attacks targeted companies of all sizes, our evidence shows that large companies were more vulnerable to attacks,” he said. The survey included more than 1,200 British companies, and was conducted after the country witnessed a series of large cyber-attacks.